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A perfect accessory for a stylish look.

Quality African inspired fabrics to reflect an elegant look.

Quality colourful girl's dresses

Best worn for casual outings and parties

Stylish outfit with a simple and elegant feel

Ghanaian long sleeved batik shirt, can be worn both formally and casually

Colourful long maternity dress,elegant and comfortable

Perfect accessory with an African inspired touch.

Stylish kitenge print girl's top

Linen dress with kitenge trim at the waist and sleeves.

Long cotton dress with embroidery

Ghanaian batik long sleeved shirt

Ghanaian hand made batik fabric

Ghanaian Batik long dress with embroidery

Stylish girl's dress for a simple stylish look.

Perfect accessory with a touch of simplicity and style.

quality dira design girl's dress that can be worn casually